2bet2 - Powerpoint Presentation Design

2bet2 is a social sports book phenomenon on Facebook that is competing in a market that has exploded, and as with many digital ventures today, funding and high level presentations are a critical factor in the recipe for success.

As well as providing help and support in structuring and improving the contents, we also designed a modern, bespoke Powerpoint template that reflected the dynamic technology, and the people behind it. We also needed to make it something that would flick the switches to 'On' for potential investors. An underlying theme of how the software works and how it keeps you hooked, runs in the background supporting key sections of the presentation, providing flexible and spontaneous discussion points, as each presentation progresses.

Adriaan Brink, CEO of 2bet2 commented, "It really was great to see such hard-nosed, grizzly investors smiling and impressed with the level and quality of what they were seeing"

We also carried this design through to the company business plan, creating a dynamic and consistent feel throughout.