SEO – Search Engine Optimisation


So your web site is all set to go

With a web site that looks great, its easy to navigate, and your data capture is ready to go, the time has arrived to really get it out there. It’s unwise to wait for your visitors to find you ‘organically’ (especially so if its a new domain name), because you’ll be waiting a while.

Search Engine Optimisation now encompasses so much more than when it was just pure link building. Now, there are so many different outlets and platforms to include in your strategy; Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Pluses, Likes, Shares; so many to think about, and so much to do; yet still just a small fraction of the things your business should be doing to stay competitive. Page tags, Keywords, Meta-descriptions, Site maps, URL structure, Data snippets, RSS feeds; the list goes on and on.

Search engine optimisation doesnt have to be complicated

For most businesses the good news is that search engine optimisation doesnt have to be complicated. Google is very good at recognizing and categorizing content from all kinds of code sources. In fact, that's what it does best of all. For the most part, its very easy for even the smallest business to maintain an effective search engine optimisation strategy just by doing the right things, and doing them regularly. And a great deal of this can be automated.

A content management system (CMS) will help your SEO

We build web sites that help you do many of the above for a small fraction of the resources and budget normally needed. The web site CMS systems we build include many  auto SEO features that ensure things like your page tags and site maps are always present, likewise meta descriptions and RSS feeds. Our systems also ensure that URLs (your web addresses) are well targeted and keyword rich. We can even keep your Facebook page looking fresh with the latest content auto-posted from your web site, the second you post it. Further, the data works both ways so your web site will always show your latest fans or tweets. It all adds up, presenting your visitors a busy hive of activity, that works equally well for search engines like Google, who place great value in sites frequently updated and fresh. These feature rich management tools for your business are easily managed from a single, easy-to-use back end with which you also control the rest of your web site.

With your business on a web platform as good as this, your SEO will be a snap!