Your web site is a window into the world of you

We design web sites that work hard for your business

And you have less than a minute to make the right kind of impression. Search engines have made it so easy for Users to find what they are looking for that buyers are quite simply spoilt for choice. If your site doesn’t stack up, it’s unlikely they'll add you to their favourites, and a lost opportunity. Professional design, intuitive interactivity, exciting ideas, the tone of your text, pages that load quickly; these, and many other important factors, engender trust and confidence in your web site and your business, and keep potential customers clicking. They enquire about a new product, or even recommend you to friends and acquaintances, and the longer they stay on your site, the greater your chance of success.

But building a great web site is not so much about which is the best technology to use (although that counts too), but more to do with understanding your audience, how best to present your proposition and put your message across.

But it is critical that your technology puts your message across consistently, across all devices.

We build mobile responsive web sites that adapt to whatever device they are being presented on.

Pre-production concepts, allow us to work these things out before we get into the business of programming, meaning you see the potential in what we are proposing, before any code is generated. But we also follow the same philosophy throughtout the lifecycle of a project, presenting our progress and thoughts regularly, at pre-agreed intervals, meaning less chance of production hiccups or costs you weren’t expecting.

We also go a stage further with our thinking when it comes to building a new web site project. We look at your business, and the competition you face in the search engines for your chosen industry. We then build this thinking into how we structure and present your content so that it not only reads well, but is also well optimised and well placed for high ranking in search engines. More importantly, when we hand the finished web site over to you, the system we build ensures that all future content posted by you is also well-optimized to enhance your SEO efforts even further.